Welcome to Netsole IT Solutions LLC .

Hi there. We’re Netsole IT Solutions LLC, an IT consultancy company set up to offer affordable, understandable IT support and solutions to people and businesses in and around Middle East.

What We Do

We do whatever you need us to, when you need it done. Well, anything IT related anyhow. From initial IT solution planning and purchasing hardware, right through to ongoing IT support, we’ve got it all covered.

We’re equally at home on a Mac or a PC, and have the know-how to install and fix almost any kind of software or hardware on the market today.

The Netsole IT Team

We could wax lyrical for hours about our dedicated, hard working and all-round wonderful team, but it looks like we’re running out of space. Luckily though, we decided on adding a page dedicated to our people. So make sure you take a look.

If you’re done with reading, and just want to let us know how we can help you, give Netsole IT a call now.

Who We Work With?

We’ll work with anyone that needs us. Whether you’re working from home or in an office, we’ll be happy to have a chat about what you need, then meet up with you face-to-face to work out how best to solve your problems.


Netsole IT Solutions has its own cabling division, staffed by some of the industry’s most experienced cabling consultants. We offer a comprehensive range of cabling services including audit, design, installation and troubleshooting.

  • IT & Networking Support;
  • Security Systems;
  •  Communication Systems.

Our Skills

Data Centre
Fiber Optics


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